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about vitalon – holland

At Vitalon we believe in the power of nutrition to make a positive and proven difference to health. Everyday we apply our collective expertise in nutrition to some of the world’s biggest health challenges in life. Our mission is to “Stand by mums, to nurture new lives”. Our core belief – that by helping mums and babies get the right nutrition.


The success of our products grounds in their cutting-edge formulations

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The quality of Vitalon®’s raw materials is a cruical factor in our company philosophy

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From babys to toddlers our products cover all first stages of your child’s development

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6 – 12 months

Continue with product 2 – a slightly modified follow up formula containing everything your baby needs


  • Omega 3 & 6 LPC’s
  • Prebiotic GOS
  • Nucleotides
What parents say about vitalon - holland


After breastfeeding my son for four months I was sceptical about using Vitalon
as they are a new player on the market. Now I couldn’t be happier I have chosen
Vitalon. Our little boy is doing absolutely great.

‘’Nienke, 27 - mother of 1 child’’

news from vitalon – holland

Why we shouldn’t demonize formula feeding

Breast is best — pediatricians say this all the time, because it’s true.
Breast milk was uniquely designed for human babies, and many
studies have shown its health benefits. In our quest to increase
breastfeeding rates, we encourage new mothers not to use any
formula. Hospitals are encouraged not to feed new babies with
formula during those first few days before the mother’s milk comes
in, and not to send mothers home with samples of formula. This is all
good, as often, if we can get mothers and babies through those first
few days and weeks without formula, they can both get used to…


The information on this website is general. Consult your pediatrician or health care professional to evaluate your specific situation. Every baby, child or mother is unique and requires professional guidance for their specific situation.